La Fiancée

Songbook vol. 4 - Roses

Bouquets of roses, secluded manors in secret gardens, Irish ladies trying out voodoo in their New Orleans villas, peaceful beaches, captains lost at sea and blooming maidens... Here are the colors of this new record, promising to be one of the artist's best studio album, between an inspired celtic folk music, pop tunes and baroque melodies.

Songbook vol. 3 - renaissance

The new album, inspired by the Celtic dream world, somewhat with an Oriental feel.
In these songs, you'll meet the King of the Fairies, a young lady accused of witchcraft, a couple of fireflies, an Irish soldier, or lovers in search of the soulmate.
The imaginary world depicted by these 10 songs leads to daydreaming. Songbook vol.3 is also a more acoustic album, going back to the sources of Cecile's music : the harp, that accompanies all of the songs.

Songbook vol. 2

Once upon a time were was a gypsy with golden lips, a knight-errant, a woman in love with a dolphin, a ocean of milk, deers in garments of fog, another knight, wounded and mourned by a maiden in an orchard, a talking horse, a female pirate, a damned girl on the moor
Once upon a time was innocence.

This album is the fruit of many years spent on the roads with my harp. On stage or in a studio, Breton legends, Irish fairies, Scottish fogs, they all were my fellow travelers and a boundless source of inspiration...
I hope you will like this album as much as I enjoyed writing and recording these songs.

Songbook 1 which you will meet many birds,
a raven capable of speech, trees,
liberated witches,
celtic heroins awaiting for love,
lovers parted by life,
a magical and secretful forest,
a wild and (child-eating ?) boar,
a lovesick scholar,
a wounded knight,
a white doe...

Harpe celtique et chants du Monde

"harpe celtique et chants du monde" presents a collection of songs of the world, tinged with celtic tradition and lit up by a particularly appealing voice. the production and the great arrangements were inspired by modern sounds and by the more traditional tunes from the musicians who accompany Cécile since she started.
Sprang from Cécile's performances and self produced in 2004.
This is Cécile's debut album.